The INSTACOAT™ Advantage

Why Choose INSTACOAT™?

INSTACOAT™ gives you every advantage

INSTACOAT™ is a seamless elastomeric membrane with over 1000% elongation and a recovery rate over 90%. We all know that structures move, surfaces expand and seasonal temperatures change and alter the size and shape of every object. That’s why INSTACOAT™ is the ideal material for commercial roofing and other waterproofing applications.

It stretches! And, it RECOVERS.

Perfection of the proprietary rubber formulation and choice of polymers required extensive research and development efforts by independent laboratories’ their chemists and staff. It is the 10th generation “perfecting” of evolving technologies.

If you’re looking for function, value and longevity — take a good look at INSTACOAT™.

  • There are NO seams—no leaks, no patches around HVAC equipment and other rooftop obstacles, no separations anywhere!
  • There are no VOCs, no environmental concerns.
  • Material does not crack or become brittle.
  • It is COST EFFECTIVE—economical to apply, easy to maintain and repair.
  • Applicators are ALL professionally trained, certified and approved by the manufacturer.
  • 10-30 year manufacturer’s warranty, with or without labor included.

What’s more, environmental impact is negligible.

To find out more about becoming a certified INSTACOAT™ applicator, call (877) 552-6724, or email:

Architects, Owners & Managers

INSTACOAT™ is proven technology refined to its highest level. If you’re a building owner/investor or maintenance manager, you will be dollars ahead by choosing this superior product. If you are an architect or design engineer, contact us today for detailed specifications.

Certified Appplicators

INSTACOAT™ bonds with almost any substrate. And it won’t be affected by freeze-thaw cycles and harsh weather – we guarantee it!

Here’s advantage to the membrane that’s seamless across the entire expanse:

  • Multiple application methods
  • Eco-Freindly
  • Easy to apply
  • Self sealing and self healing
  • No heat or special ventilation required
  • Easy clean up

INSTACOAT™ Gives You Every Advantage