INSTACOAT™ combines the elastic properties of modified latex with the weatherproof & waterproof of properties of a highly refined emulsified asphalt. The result – a seamless, rubberized membrane that applies quickly and adheres to a wide variety of materials. INSTACOAT™ is self-adhesive, requiring no prime or tack coat. And it’s self-sealing and self-healing.

  • INSTACOAT™ dual component system can be touched immediately after applied.
  • INSTACOAT™ dual component system can be applied until the first drop of rain falls. No need to call off a job because of “impending” weather.
  • INSTACOAT™ single component system requires no specialized equipment or training to be applied.
  • INSTACOAT™ dual and single component systems both bond with most substrates: BUR, modified bitumen, PVC, metal, wood, plastic and concrete — even green concrete.
  • INSTACOAT™ dual and single component systems “marry up” to a variety of materials — including forming a permanent bond with itself — making it an intelligent and economical choice for roofing and other waterproofing repairs.


What’s more, INSTACOAT™ is ideal for applying around penetrations such as HVAC equipment on commercial roofs.

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Single Component System

The single component system is not an instant set system but after full cure has been achieved the properties of this system are identical to the dual component system.

The single component was developed to be used in conjunction with the dual component system, as well as be a standalone system.

This system is may be used where the dual component system is either not necessary or cannot be used.  The single component system does not require any specialized equipment or training to be applied and can be sprayed with a commercial airless spray system.

Dual Component System

This system consists of the Performance Spray Grade and a catalyst.  The chemical reaction between the Performance Spray Grade and the catalyst results in an instant seamless rubber membrane.  The instant set allows the seamless membrane to be in direct contact with water immediately.

This feature also allows for the material to be applied either horizontally or vertically up to 150 mil thick in one application.  Although the membranes still requires time to fully cure it is approximately 80% cured upon when the two materials come into contact.

The dual component system requires specialized equipment and training to be applied correctly.  This system is also not recommended for all types of applications.

Testing Information

NOA No.: 12-1020.04
Miami-Dade County, Florida
Expiration Date: 04/05/17