Waterproofing Plus System

The Instacoat Waterproofing Plus System consists of a liquid-applied, rubberized asphalt Membrane and a Dimpled Membrane Drainage System.

System Components

Instacoat Waterproofing or Performance Roller & Trowl Grade
Used in preparation of detail areas and smaller projects

Instacoat Waterproofing or Performance Grade
Trowel Grade for use on sloped and vertical surfaces

Instacoat Water Shield
Optional item

Instacoat Dimpled Membrane Drainage System


Stop infiltration of water into structures
Can be used on various substrates such as concrete, wood, and foam.

  • Below grade applications
  • New construction
  • Existing structures
  • Exterior and interior application for all climates

The system may also be enhanced by installing the Instcoat Water Shield between the rubber membrane and the dimple membrane, creating a waterproofing system that is virtually impenetrable.