INSTACOAT™ for Roofs

INSTACOAT™ seals out the weather with seamless edge-to-edge coverage that tops any commercial roof!

Because of its amazing elasticity, INSTACOAT™ is the perfect product for commercial roofs & emergency roof repairs. The polymerized membrane remains pliable under the most extreme climatic conditions. It shows no ill effect from freeze-thaw cycles.  It is designed to double the life expectancy of your existing roof system, an excellent economical choice for owners.

System Components

Instacoat Performance Grade Rubber
uperior fluid applied rubber than combines the elastic properties of a modified latex with the weatherproofing and waterproofing qualitiey of a highly refined emulsified asphalt.

Performance Spray Grade
Use with the dual component system

Performance SL Grade
Use with single component system, can be sprayed or applied manually.

Performance Roller/Trowel Grades
Use with single component system, preparation work.

Features & Benefits

Substantial cost savings as compared to a new roof

Spray applied thus eliminating seams.

Cold spray applied, contains no VOC's, and requires no special ventilation.

Has self healing and self sealing properties when cut or punctured.

Capable of stretching to over 1000% and a recovery of over 90%.

Roof Preservation

For a roof that never needs replacing, follow these simple steps:

1. Inspect and evaluate the current roof conditions.
2. Make any necessary roof repairs.
3. Install an INSTACOAT™ Seamless Membrane.
4. Install a reflective topcoat.
5. Conduct semi-annual roof inspections. Re-apply a topcoat when necessary.

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