Asphalt Pavement Preservation System

The Instacoat Asphalt Pavement Preservation System was designed to address the need to protect and extend the life of asphalt pavements.  The system uses a highly refine rubberized asphalt emulsion.  The system consists o fa Roller or trowel grade to address any existing cracks or transitions and three grades of seal coat.

All products in the Asphalt Pavement Preservation System are Eco Friendly and contain no fillers found in most seal coats available in today's market.

System Components

Waterproofing Pavement Crack Sealer
Pourable Grade for uses on horizontal surfaces.

Waterproofing Pavement Crack Sealer
Trowel Grade for use on sloped and vertical surfaces

Economy Sealcoat
Non-rubberized modified asphalt emulsion seal coat.

Rubberized Sealcoat
Rubberized modicified asphalt emulsion seal coat,

Premium Sealcoat
highly rubberized modified asphalt emulsion seal coat

Features & Benefits

Has superior adhesion resulting in no delaminating or tracking of material

Chemical Resistance
Has great chemical resistance to most chemicals.

Due to the ease of application and minimal preparation.